Come pulire il bagno (in meno di 10 minuti)

How to clean the bathroom (in less than 10 minutes)

How to clean the bathroom in 10 minutes
Hands up who likes to clean the bathroom, one of the most difficult areas of the house to tidy up and make shine. Fortunately, with a little perseverance and the right preparation, you can save time and energy so you always have a sanitized and fragrant bathroom ready. Today we explain how to thoroughly clean your bathroom in less than 10 minutes! Impossible? Read our tips: you will clean your home bathrooms effectively and in the shortest time possible.

How to prepare the bathroom for cleaning
The bathroom is one of the home environments that should never be neglected, in fact, to have it always in order is recommended daily cleaning. Annoyance? Probably, but it's the truth: in the bathrooms of the house is not enough a quick dusting, but a deep sanitization.
If you're short on time, here's where to start to clean your bathroom in just 10 minutes.

  • Step 1Remove all items that should not be in the bathroom (clothes, garbage) and remove any carpets on the floor. Also move tables and furniture with casters to clean the floor faster.
  • Step 2Prepare a solution of water and percarbonate (1 tablespoon of percarbonate in 250ml of warm water). Pour it directly into the toilet and place the mop inside so that it is sanitized. Leave it to act for a few minutes. Then use the mop to clean the inside of the toilet. Flush the toilet.
  • Step 3 Dust from top to bottom with a cloth, removing dust and hair from all surfaces. The dirt should get onto the floor. Alternatively, you can also use a vacuum cleaner.

When cleaning around the house it is important to use the right products! Always read the labels and opt for specific ones, which do not damage the surfaces. Even better if they are without disposable plastic, like the products contained in the R5 Living Home Kit.

Cleaning dirt on sanitaryware
We continue our brief guide on how to clean the bathroom, encrusted or only slightly dirty, moving on to the actual cleaning of the different surfaces. Start with the bathroom fixtures : toilet, bidet and sink. While the inside of the toilet is acting on the percarbonate, wipe the toilet cover with a damp cloth. Use a specific anti-scale and sanitizing detergent for stubborn dirt on the toilet.

The same cleaning method should be applied to the bidet and sink, but be careful not to use a rough sponge on the faucets; it could scratch them. The soft biodegradable cellulose cloth is great: pour in a specific detergent, moisten and wipe. Leave it on for a few minutes, rinse and wipe with a dry cloth.

Discover the R5 Bathroom Kit with products for cleaning bathroom fixtures and sinks, with anti-limescale action they allow you a deep and fast cleaning.

How to clean bathroom glass
Among the tips for quick and effective cleaning of the bathroom can not miss those for cleaning mirrors. For the bathroom mirror and the glass of the shower cubicle try the Glass and Multipurpose Kit R5; inside you will find a multipurpose spray ideal to apply on glass, crystals, mirrors and other chrome objects. It is no-rinse and leaves no streaks! Great for saving time and thoroughly cleaning the shiniest parts of the bathroom.

Tile joints
The room is almost completely clean now, but there is still one thing missing: the floors and the tile cleaning.
If you wash these parts regularly, it will take you most of the time, so in order to save time you can limit yourself to scrubbing the tiles near the bathroom fixtures.

These two surfaces have one thing in common: the difficulty of cleaning the joints between tiles. To stay within the 10 minutes or so of time you have to dedicate to your home bathroom, here's how to speed up this operation:

  • Sanitize the gaps with a toothbrush; apply baking sodato the bristles
  • Scrub floors and tiles with R5 Flooring product. Let the cleaner act for a few minutes and wait for it to dry. Our product is suitable for cleaning all types of floors, scents, sanitizes all washable surfaces without leaving residue and without rinsing.

Once the chosen part of the floor is finished, wait for everything to dry and put the objects back in their place. Your bathroom is ready!
Always remember to clean in a sustainable way: eliminate waste and adopt one of the R5 Living Home Kits.

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