Arredare un giardino con poco (Fai da te)

How to decorate a garden spending little (Do it yourself)

With the beautiful season coming, the first thought is to decorate the garden to enjoy the sunny spring days. For renew outdoor spacesyou can rely on a professional who will take care of both the green and the furniture. The solution will certainly be effective, but the bill may be high. With a minimum of organization, clear ideas and imagination, you can try the card of the do it yourself. The goal is to decorate outdoor spaces according to the personal tastesspending little and with the pleasure of achieving a good result by putting into play their commitment. Aiming at recycled materials then give an additional appeal green to the project, and will stimulate the ingenuity in the name of creative recycling. Let's see some ideas for an eco-friendly garden, economical and highly personalized.

DIY garden furniture, tips

Furnish a garden independently means first of all to express their own personality. The guests of the small corner of paradise will not fail to notice the imprint of those who designed it, and put in place. In a project of this kind is of great importance a good planning, so it is essential to go step by step. At the end of winter, usually the garden is neglected and not in optimal condition. The first work will be shaving and cleaning. After a good thinning to the turfit will be necessary to get rid of all those objects in disuse or ruined by the bad season. After having made a clean slate, you can begin to design the new spaces according to the material available. Pebbles and pieces of wood will do very well to delimit certain areas of the lawn and create small flower beds. small flowerbeds. Now you can think about what plants and flowers will fill the corners thus delimited. If there is some material left over, you can create some paths inside the garden to be able to cross it without getting wet in case of rain or high humidity.

Garden furniture with DIY pallets

Now that the garden has taken an appearance orderly and rationalit is time to think about the minimum amount of furniture needed to enjoy the longed-for sunny days in the open air.

The DIY furniture par excellence consists of seats and tables made from pallets of recovery. You can make sofas, armchairs and table tops in many different ways, with more or less complex techniques depending on your manual skills and desire to get involved.

The choice of shapes, construction techniques and colors The choice of shapes, construction techniques and colors is left to personal taste, since this material offers endless expressive possibilities. Here it is useful to provide some practical advice: first of all all pallets are not equalFirst of all, not all pallets are the same, so it is a good idea to get pallets of the same size. The most common format, which is also the one that offers the best aesthetic impact, is called Europallet. The pallets measure 80 x 120 centimeters, and are easily recognizable to the naked eye because they are marked with the symbol EUR o EPAL. It will not be difficult to find some used pallets for sale, to be preferred to new ones because the price is definitely lower. Three pallets are enough to build an outdoor sofa, to be enriched with colored cushions to make it more comfortable and cheerful. You can leave the pallet in its color or cover it with enamel paint for a more personal touch. In both cases, it is advisable to use a transparent varnish waterproof as a base treatment. The sofa will stand up to the elements better and can stay in your backyard through the winter.

Recovered is better!
Let's recap: the lawn is in order, the flower beds are home to ornamental plants and flowers, and the garden sofa made from pallets is in place. To add an extra personal touch, you can create small planters out of old fruit crates, preferably made of wood. Tires and tires discarded tires will become the whimsical pot holders, just a coat of colored paint to give an even more original look to the garden. If a pallet is left over from the construction of the furniture, will be reused to create a small vertical vegetable garden. It will be sufficient to lean it against the wall, at an angle, and take advantage of the gaps between one axis and another to place the pots that will house the plants to be used in the kitchen. Wanting to raise the bar of recycling, an excellent idea will be to decorate outdoor spaces with DIY candles. The wax and wicks are easily available online and in physical stores, but you can also reuse the dear of the candles already present as they melt. Old clothing out of fashion will provide the fabric to create soft and fanciful pillows that will adorn the sofa and the seats made with pallets.

Photo by Arno Smit

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