We had ourselves tested (by strict judges).

Today we are telling you about us. With some pride.

A few months ago we decided to partner with a wonderful company that works with and for families. It is a company that creates content and services dedicated to making everyday life lighter for families. With good advice, comparisons, suggestions from experts. Fit precisely for families, but in general for our daily lives.

MammacheTest is the platform, linked to MammacheClub, where moms and dads can share reviews on products and services related to the Pregnancy and Early Childhood period and read opinions from the community. The site offers numerous product tests to which moms can apply to test and review for free. Mammachetest aims to become for moms and dads a shopping guide related to mom/woman, pregnancy and early childhood. Thanks to product sheets and many verified reviews families can compare the opinions of those who have already tried the products and consequently guide themselves when choosing family purchases.

Here, we collaborated with Mammachetest to have our products tested and receive independent and authentic feedback.

70 moms received and tested a dedicated kit consisting of our products:

  • Degreaser Kit
  • Bath Kit
  • Detergent sheets for the washing machine
  • Biodegradable cellulose sponge cloth
  • Laundry clips made of 100% recycled plastic, certified Second Life

Products were evaluated against 5 dimensions:

  • Tolerability
  • Effectiveness
  • Fragrance
  • Quality
  • Price

We are very proud of the results obtained and the opinions expressed by the testers. Many of the opinions written will become copy for our communication: some testers captured all the values we pursue in R5®Living and were able to express them even better than us. Thank you! We will take cues from you to improve our communication.

In this image you will find a preview of the results. You can read all the results for the different products here and in the product sheets tested on our website.

Our customers' opinion is crucial for us. It is pure strength to keep improving every day and to design new products that meet our philosophy. We know that there is much more to be done, we will continue our efforts.

If you would like to try the test products, you can take advantage of the Try-me Kit summer promo.

Thank you to all our testers and to Mammachetest for believing in us.

It is the small everyday gestures that make the big revolutions


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