6 buone ragioni per passare agli shampoo solidi

6 good reasons to switch to solid shampoos

Switching to solid shampoos and conditioners seems to be all the rage right now. From our point of view, it's not just about fashion, it's much more than that. The solid shampoos and conditioners are truly excellent alternatives for us and the planet.

Let's try to discover them together

  1. Zero plastic, zero waste
    It is estimated that on average, a person can use almost 500 bottles of shampoo/ conditioner during their lifetime. And a plastic bottle can take more than 450 years to decompose, releasing even sooner smaller parts, the microplastics. We know that only 9%* of all plastic that is produced is recycled. The UN has declared plastic pollution to be the biggest pollution problem of all - doing this simple step can have a huge impact.
  2. Super concentrated to last longer
    Most shampoos are 80% water and conditioners can be even more, up to 95% water. What's the point of paying for water and especially transporting it when we can use our own tap water?
    Solid shampoos are super concentrated and generally last longer than bottled versions. On average, one solid shampoo is equivalent to two or three bottles of liquid shampoo (depending on whether it's 250ml or 300ml or more ml), which means substantial CO2 equivalent savings (even up to 90%).
  3. Natural and cruelty-free ingredients
    A lot of brands that produce solid shampoos not only want to protect the oceans from plastic, but also strive to make products that are kind to nature and people. Many solid shampoos contain essential oils and natural ingredients and are cruelty free.
  4. Healthier hair
    Many people ask us if solid shampoos really work. The answer is yes. Like any new product, you have to find the right one for your needs and give it time to adjust. In the end, the natural ingredients in solid shampoos are much healthier for your hair and body. Our 2-in-1 solid shampoo e solid moisturizing shampoo are dermatologically tested for optimal effectiveness with low allergen levels. They are also vegan friendly and cruelty free.
  5. Convenient and space-saving
    And finally, think about the convenience of solid shampoos when traveling or when at the gym and pool. To make transportation even more convenient, we developed a solid shampoo holder made of 100% recycled plastic, which comes from Bergamo's recycling collection. Super compact and convenient, it allows water to escape once used, and the handy push-on lid ensures the product is kept safe. It never spills. No one will ever strand you at the airport, it's super lightweight and convenient.
  6. Affordable
    When you think that with just one solid shampoo you can do at least 60 washes, the math is quickly done...A single R5 shampoo shampoo lasts as long as 2 bottles of 300ml traditional shampoo.

So there are only good reasons to use solid shampoos, they are good for you and the environment. They help us reduce our carbon footprint, reduce plastic and even space.

It's the small everyday gestures that make all the difference.

#zeroplastic, #zerowaste, #sustainableliving, #sustainablebeauty.

*9% globally

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