1. Date and place of incorporation, name and address of notary public

Date of deed of incorporation: 20/12/2019

Place deed of incorporation: Bergamo (BG)

Notary's name and address: Notary Marco Tucci STUDIO NOTARILE ASSOCIATO TUCCI - TURCONI Via Angelo Maj, 10, 24121 Bergamo BG

2. Head office and any branch offices

Registered office of the company: via San Lazzaro, 12 - 24122 Bergamo BG

3. Corporate purpose of the company

The company's main object is the development, production and marketing of innovative products or services with high technological value; in particular, the company, intends to carry out consulting services on innovation and sustainability issues. It aims to help companies transform and innovate their business, both from the point of view of
digitization and innovation, and from the point of view of the great
transformation necessary to evolve towards a system that respects the 1 Sustainable Development Goals of the Global Compact, promoting more responsible production processes and business practices, for the mutual benefit of people and the planet.

Sustainable innovation, combating climate change, and a commitment to responsible production and consumption create a virtuous circle: they bring not only a benefit to the environment and society, but also generate efficiency in production cycles, reduction of waste, and limitation of uneconomic processes, even to the benefit of company margins. Digitization and sustainability are two of the most powerful market influences in the current business landscape. Each determines how management practices and, more broadly, business and society will change. The intersection of these trends, however, remains largely uncharted territory; The Okapi Network aims to be the link between these two forces to support companies in making real change.

The Okapi Network can devise, develop and implement new models of consumption and production of products and services, using innovative methodologies, such as but not limited to, open innovation, use of algorithms and new technologies for the purposes
of prototyping and market commercialization.

In addition, the company will, again enhancing the levers of digitization and sustainability, design, manufacture and wholesale and retail marketing, by mail order, via the Internet, through innovative sales methodologies and distribution channels with high technological content (e.g., networking and affiliation marketing, vending machines), with multilevel systems and by any other means, including import-export, of:

(a). products for professional and non-professional use intended for cleaning, detergency, care and hygiene in any field and sector, whether public or proven, including medical surgical, hospital, sanitization products, PPE, as well as cosmetics;

(b). products, items, accessories and equipment related to the above.

The company will also engage in research, experimentation and technological and process/product innovation with a view to improving the overall impact these products have on people, communities and the environment. The company may also, not predominantly, acquire, assign and exploit industrial patents, patents and inventions.

4. Brief description of the business conducted, including research and development activity and expenditures;

Brief description of the business conducted.

The Okapi Network operates in the areas of innovation, sustainability, digital, and business transformation. The innovation operated by The Okapi Network consists of supporting client companies in transforming the way they operate and their business model by adopting tools and methodologies, including open innovation, that combine the potential of digital and technology with approaches that respect sustainability in its broadest sense, with the aim of simultaneously pursuing growth in the economic performance of companies and positive change in the world in which they operate.

In the mid-2020s, in order to have a greater impact in terms of sustainability, The Okapi Network decided to develop some business models of its own. The idea that The Okapi Network began working on was to create a portfolio of "digital-first" brands to operate in mostly mature industries. These brands would share operational resources, infrastructure resources, and data as a means of optimizing fixed costs, while developing dedicated vertical e-commerce (v-commerce) to bring to market a unique set of innovative and sustainable products and values.

In September 2020, The Okapi Network began activities to establish a Brand (R5) and develop an Innovative Product Line in the area of "Household Cleaning and Personal Care" focused on eliminating single-use plastic. The commercial launch of Brand R5 took place in April 2021. The use of big data is central to this activity, underpinning R&D and new product definition.

Research and development expenses under Decree Law 179/2012.

The research and development expenses for the purpose of verifying the requirement under Article 25, paragraph 2, letter h, sub 1 of Decree-Law 179/2012 for qualification as an 'innovative start-up' are shown below.

The requirement is met as research and development expenses are equal to or greater than 15 percent of the higher of cost and total value of production, as shown in the values below:

A.Research and development expenses: € 195,137.00, of which € 193,637.00 is eligible for the tax credit for research, development, technological innovation, design and aesthetic conception activities pursuant to Art. 1, paragraphs 198 - 209 of Law No. 160 of December 27, 2019, as amended.
B.Greater between cost and value of production: € 460,104.00.

Ratio of A to B: 42%.

5) list of shareholders, with transparency with respect to trusts, holding companies, with
self-certification of truthfulness

The Okapi Network srl Benefit Society | Company Capital Stock: 43,760.87 euros

Eleven Ltd. share capital of the company: 22,777.78 euros

The shareholder list filed with the commercial register is transparent, as there are no trusts.

6) list of investee companies

No Investee Companies

7) indication of the educational qualifications and professional experience of the partners and staff working in the innovative start-up, excluding any sensitive data

Mollis Cristina - Degree in Business Administration from LIUC-Carlo Cattaneo University of Castellanza (VA) obtained in the year 1997. Degree equivalent to a master's degree, pursuant to the Interministerial Decree of 09/07/2009 published in Gazzetta Ufficiate of 07/10/2009 No. 233.

Bottari Guido - Degree in Business Administration from the L. Bocconi University of Milan obtained in 1999. Degree equivalent to master's degree, pursuant to Interministerial Decree of 09/07/200 published in Gazzetta Ufficiate of 07/10/2009 no. 233.

Quarticelli Paolo - Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Milan Bicocca obtained in 2015.

8) indication of the existence of professional, collaborative or commercial relationships with certified incubators, institutional and professional investors, universities and research centers

No professional relationships with certified incubators, institutional and professional investors, universities and research centers

9) latest filed financial statements, in the XBRL standard

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10) list of industrial and intellectual property patent rights

No privative rights on industrial and intellectual property.