Un viaggio bellissimo, ma....

A beautiful journey, ma....

This Easter break we took three days off and started traveling with our kids again. Relaxation at last. It had been a long time since the four of us had been on a plane together. And as always, the atmosphere was magical.

We went to Spain, to one of the wonderful islands of this country, Majorca. It was a surprise to me. We found ourselves immersed in the lush and varied, beautiful nature . The sea, it's gorgeous, with incredible colors. And the light of this island is something that you can not tell.

Green landscapes as far as the eye can see, well-kept towns and above all wonderful, warm people with whom understanding each other is child's play. You start off in English and end up speaking in Italian and Spanish, understanding each other very well and chatting for hours.

The people of Mallorca will remain in my heart. People who love their island, respect it, welcome you and make you feel at home. Majorca will remain in my heart forever and I hope to go back soon.

You know I don't like to talk about myself much (excuse the pun), but once again I decided to take advantage of this blog by telling you about this mini vacation to share some thoughts with you.

I'm not sure where to even begin. We're all good with words. All worried about climate change. All getting upset about plastic issues. All on the right side of this change, the conditions we live in, and all ready to say we are "ready" to change things.

I have yet to find anyone who has told me that we are doing this business wrong. On the contrary, everyone is complimenting us, telling us that initiatives like these should be supported.

But then you go around and you realize that this sensitivity in words does not translate into action. And what they say is that maybe at home you respect the rules, but then when you're in another country you forget them, maybe it's a bit true.

We went to visit one of the most evocative places on this island, well kept by the locals . An incredible view, you feel like you're at the end of the world. As we other tourists have stopped. The road runs along a natural reserve. Unspoilt...if it weren't for us, the tourists. Too many, too interested in the selfie of the moment and not enough in respecting what's around us.

In this reserve live many animals. Among them many wild goats that cross the road to move from one part of the reserve to another. One baby goat got stuck by tourists on the opposite side of the road. He was bleating, to be heard by his mom. Too bad that his bleating attracted the attention of tourists who, for a selfie with him, blocked his passage, frightened him and forced him to flee to the opposite side, steep and dangerous. For a selfie? Yes for a selfie we can pass over any respect for nature.

And always in the same place, enchanted by itself, but devastated by us tourists, we look out to see the view. And what view do we see? This:

Plastic bottles thrown into nature, as if it were a dustbin. Yet we all know that Plastic takes years, centuries to disappear. That unmanaged Plastic pollutes. That stupid Plastic is the most serious form of pollution of our time. We also all know that properly disposed of plastic can be recycled, giving it a new life. Avoiding the use of new sources for its production. We all know that Plastic is actually a very precious material because its applications save our lives (think of motorcycle and bicycle helmets, medical equipment, ...) and make our lives easier and more enjoyable (think of sports equipment, furniture, ...). Plastic is a precious material, it is its stupid use that is causing the damage, and even more so our inability to reduce it when not necessary. To understand that there are alternatives to useless plastic that we can all seek and adopt. And we need to understand that proper disposal is critical.

Here, sorry to vent, but change starts with each of us. I felt guilty about those little bottles even though I didn't throw them away. I felt guilty because it's all of our fault. Because I have to push harder for change. I have to do more, I have to be part of this virtuous mechanism that will help us change. We have to change. If we change in numbers then we all change. We need to make it clear that it is no longer fashionable to act this way, we need to use our voices to help change. We need to take action every day to show change.

It is the small, everyday acts that make the big revolutions.

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