#StopTheWar | #StandForUkraine

#StopTheWar | #StandForUkraine

Today I am writing in the first person.
I feel I have to do it.
I asked myself, I ask myself every day, in these days what concretely I can do, what my family can do, what the R5 team can do to help the Ukrainian people in this difficult moment.

Every evening, after putting the children to bed, I read the latest news and one thought never leaves me: if it were me Ukraine, if it were me now in Ukraine with my children, my dogs, my cat and my companion in "war age", what would I do? Really what would I do? I imagine myself in our car trying to get to a border of an unfamiliar country, with no contact, probably very little money and a family that was "definitely" bulky to be welcomed.

I imagine the stories in the car to my kids trying to provide a sense of hope. Passing the moment off as a break from a "normal" life, that she will return. But with what certainty? None. I imagine their questions: where will we go? What will we do? What will we do about school? What about our friends? But most of all: when will we see Daddy again?

How can we experience all of this? How can we make our children live through this?

The other day I was reflecting with a dear and wonderful friend that my Tere already has a third of her life lived in total abnormality. We are from Bergamo. COVID has destabilized everyone. In February 2020, that Sunday when they closed Lombardy, I tried to hide the truth from my children. Reassure them of something we ourselves had no information about. Trying to make them live that period in a strange normality. And we were lucky. We are a close-knit family, as I say we are "sticky" with each other, we didn't have any major losses, we put ourselves in our own protected bubble and got out. In good health, but definitely Bruno and Tere with two years of their lives very different than they should have been.

I tried not to talk about the risk of war, before the invasion, but to tell them that people want peace and would find a solution. To make them understand that humanity can do better than this. It didn't help. I can't keep the war from them. They talk about it in school. There are classmates who have Ukrainian relatives or friends. And Russians. And on the day of the invasion, they wouldn't eat. And they asked a thousand questions, because for them this thing is incomprehensible.
I'm not a good mom because I can't explain war and I can't give any hope that it will end today, that it will be okay, that it will pass, because this war, so close to us, is just crazy. And when I hear that though, Putin, Putler have it, we provoked it....ecco I just can't shut up. THERE IS NO PROVOCATION WHATSOEVER that justifies what is happening. None. There is no provocation whatsoever, even in everyday life, that allows a human being (human?) to feel entitled to annihilate the life of another person.

But what can I do?Whatcan we do? Because now we have to commit ourselves to help the Ukrainian people first of all, but also to give a better life and hope to all the children of the world. To make them believe that a BEAUTIFUL humanity can exist. That we can be better women and men than we have been until now.

What can I do?

I can make my voice heard, and that is why for the first time I am using this Blog to make my voice heard. To share my thoughts clearly. To put myself on the side of the Ukrainian people.

As a mother and a citizen, together with my children, I'm collecting clothes, shoes, tomorrow we'll buy medicines and we're taking them to Curno, just outside Bergamo, to the collection center organized by Malinovskyi and his wife, in via Fermi 8 in Curno. We will also prepare toys, because children need to play. We have joined three associations for the reception of Ukrainian children and in the evening, since yesterday, we are learning to pronounce some sentences:

Hello, how are you? Привіт, як ти? (Pryvit, yak ty?)
Are you hungry? Ти голодний?( Ty holodnyy?)
Do you want to play? Ти хочеш грати? (Ty khochesh hraty?)
We love you. ми тебе любимо (my tebe lyubymo)

As a citizen, mother and entrepreneur on the issues of environmental impact Iam trying, we are trying to minimize energy consumption, change, as much as possible our lifestyles trying to reduce energy consumption. It seems little, but if we all do it will be a lot. Our philosophy as R5 is that small daily gestures create big revolutions. Well: let's do it. Smalldaily gestures by everyone today can help define the future of tomorrow. Perhaps individually we cannot stop war. But together we can help to diminish the strength of the invader, to welcome and help the Ukrainian people, to take the opportunity to show that humankind can be much better than this.

My heart is broken by this war. Everything else seems meaningless to me. But I will keep at it so that I can be able to help.

#StopTheWar #StandForUkraine

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