A Great Green Friendship was born

A Very Special Friendship

Lyle is a crocodile living in New York City. His life is quiet: he helps the
Primm family with small chores around the house, takes baths singing, and plays with the other children in the neighborhood. One day, however, his life suddenly changes. The sweet crocodile will have to go to great lengths to prove himself good, proving to the world that there is nothing wrong with being different.

Lyle's values fully reflect our philosophy: respect for the world around us, inclusiveness, and a desire to prove that there is a different way of doing things.

Beingchosen directly by Sony Pictures for this initiative fills us with pride and gives us even more strength to continue on our path of commitment to the deeper values of sustainability and quality.

For this we have prepared a SPECIAL SURPRISE: THE FAMILY LYLE BOX!

all dedicated to our children

Mini Lyle Box

A very special box all dedicated to children. Full of good and fun products.

The solid showershampoo will amaze you, gentle, with a very soft lather and a delicate scent.

And then toothbrush, Sevi's whistle (special thanks to Trudi for participating in this project) and the tender sponge.

Lyle lyle washing with R5

Discover the Family Lyle Box

A valuable box for the whole family, products for young and old, with naturally sourced ingredients and a few surprises.

Why this collaboration?

Because unity is strength, because sharing the same values makes us even stronger, because we have the hope that children going home from the movies can associate Lyle's values with ours and remember that small, everyday gestures are the
basis of big changes