Plastic Free July Official Business Partner

R5 & Plastic Free July®

R5® Living joins Plastic Free July® to make the case for plastic action.

Plastic Free July® is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution - so we can have cleaner streets, oceans and communities.

Concern for the environment is the number one value that unites people around the world (Ipsos 2019), but what can we do?

We at R5 Living are proud to take a stand against plastic waste by committing ourselves every day to creating products that reduce the use of single-use plastics.

It is clear that the problems associated with single-use plastics are complex. Plastic is the symbol of our throwaway society - and despite our efforts to dispose of and recycle it - it is everywhere: from the deepest oceans to the top of Mount Everest. Not only is it polluting the planet, but the effects can also be seen on our own health.

Plastic production is set to almost quadruple by 2050 - we cannot simply recycle our way out of this problem.

The Plastic Free July Challenge helps people make a difference by taking small, simple everyday actions to avoid single-use plastic. By reducing the plastic waste problem at source and "turning off the tap, not just mopping the floor" every person on the planet can make a real impact.

In fact, by 2020, participants in the Plastic Free July challenge have avoided over 900 million kilograms of plastic waste, including millions of single-use beverage bottles, coffee cups, packaging, straws and plastic bags.

R5 Living aims to do more than just reduce tonnes of waste, we aim to make our plastic action count towards restoring a healthier planet, safeguarding biodiversity and the health of all of us.


  • When you avoid single-use plastics, you are doing more than just reducing waste in the bin.
  • While the problems associated with single-use plastics are complex, the solutions involve small, simple everyday actions.
  • Action on plastics does more than reduce tons of waste, it creates a healthier planet and healthier people.
  • - The power of change is in each person's hands, together we can make a difference.
  • Share your plastic action story and help others to be part of the solution too


- Choosing to refuse a single-use product reduces the impact on our health of the whole life cycle of plastics.

- Pollution from single-use plastics starts long before you buy a product. Replacing single-use plastics reduces the chemicals and microplastics found in packaging and products, and in waste.

- Together our action on plastics matters for the health of our planet and people.

The Plastic Free July challenge has proven to contribute to a healthier future by reducing household waste by almost 5% (21kg per person).


Plastic Free July is a personal challenge, but you will be part of a community of millions of people who are making a difference.

- By not wasting resources we can reduce our ecological footprint. Reducing waste benefits households and local governments.

- Choosing to reject single-use plastics supports businesses that are doing the right thing and creates opportunities within a circular economy for plastics.

- Together we can create a world without the cost of plastic waste impacting on our communities.

8.5 out of 10 participants made changes that became habits and a lifestyle and many shared their stories with others.


- Reducing plastic consumption means less plastic pollution.

- Waste reduction and recycling are much more energy efficient than landfilling or reclamation.

- Together our plastic action counts to safeguard biodiversity and the health of our planet.

By 2020, 900 million kg of plastic waste was avoided by participants, including millions of single-use beverage bottles, coffee cups, packaging, straws and plastic bags

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