Le nostre Partnership: GUPPYFRIEND®. Sacca provata, testata e amata subito.

Our Partnerships: GUPPYFRIEND®. Bag tried, tested and loved immediately.

In the last few months of this year we have worked hard to forge important partnerships with companies that share the same values and direction with us. Companies that, like us, are trying to bring new consumption habits to the market to try to reduce our impact on the planet.

Today we tell you about one of these collaborations. It is very important for us and it is with a truly innovative company that is working hard to reduce microplastics caused by washing.

Why are we talking about Microplastics?

Did you know that countless microplastic fibers come off our clothes at every wash? These fibers cannot be reliably filtered by washing machines or sewage treatment plants and therefore end up in our water.

Microplastic particles break down into smaller and smaller particles and accumulate toxins. They are ingested by fish and other marine life that cannot distinguish the tiny plastic from their food. The consequences for animals and nature are serious.

And we are affected too: plastic fibers from our clothes enter our bodies through food.

il ciclo delle microplastiche guppyfriend

Why we want to work with GUPPYFRIEND®

TheGUPPYFRIENDbag GUPPYFRIEND® is ascientifically proven and patented solution against microplastic fiber pollution during washing and the only one that protects clothes and the environment.

Our main goal as R5 Living is working to change small daily gestures that have a negative impact on the Planet every day. We eliminate plastic where it is not needed and recycle it where it is needed. We are certified PLASTIC NEGATIVE. GUPPYFRIEND® works to eliminate the microplastics that we release into the sea with every wash. This partnership is fundamental for us. We both work in the same direction: our role is to help people change their everyday habits and GUPPYFRIEND® is one of the solutions.

The GUPPYFRIEND laundry protection bag is the first step. It makes the problem of microplastics visible, communicates it and makes it tangible for every household. It's an easy-to-use, pragmatic solution that allows everyone to do their part to protect nature.


We tried GUPPYFRIEND to "touch base" on its use, practicality and effectiveness.

The first thing that struck us about the GUPPYFRIEND bag was its size. The bag is really big(50 x 74 cm), much more than we expected and its capacity is remarkable.

quanto è grande la sacca GUPPYFRIEND

Thanks to its size is very convenient to use and above all ensures that you can wash many synthetic clothes at once.

The bag should not be filled to the maximum, but a little space should be left to ensure the garments to move during washing.

In addition to the GUPPYFRIEND bag, other non-synthetic cloths or possibly another GUPPYFRIEND bag can be placed in the washing machine.

The opening zipper is very convenient both when filling the bag and when taking out the clean clothes. Dries quickly in the air.

At the end of the wash, the garments in the bag were wrung out well, as usual. It is surprising that a bag with such a dense weave can pass water in one direction and in the other, but the truth is that it works very well and that the secret of this patent lies in the weave.

The removal of microfibers is convenient and easy. The microfibers accumulate on the sides of the opening between the zipper and the blue band.

come rimuovere le microfibre dalla sacca Guppyfriend

Our tests also showed us the protective capacity of the cloths. The impression is just that of greater care in washing, which allows the synthetic garments to be ruined less.

Test passed so well, that we no longer had any doubt that GUPPYFRIEND should definitely be a company to work with and continue to push on our path.

With the sales of the bags, GUPPYFRIEND supports the nonprofit organization STOP! Micro Waste. Knowledge and understanding of the sources and consequences of microplastic pollution are prerequisites for change. STOP! Micro Waste raises awareness of the causes and the problem and provides information to schools and educational institutions on how to keep plastic out of the wild.

Learn how to best use the GUPPYFRIEND bag and the guide to sustainable washing.

sacca proteggi biancheria e ambiente guppyfriend

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