10 libri green da portare in vacanza

10 books on the green transition to take on vacation

Here we are with our second edition of 10 books to read on vacation, with a green soul.

Ourgoal is always the same, it's what lies in our philosophy: to try to make a change with small gestures that make us feel fulfilled, without feeding eco-terrorism or guilt. We have to think positive and try to do it all together. And so the books we have chosen: they must be beautiful to read and useful in application in everyday life.

I start with one very dear to me:

  1. Thinking Like Mountains by Paolo Ermani and Valerio Pignatta (Terra Nuova Edizioni). I practically grew up in the mountains. It is my refuge, my safe place. The place where I really feel free. This is a book from 2011, but very current. It rationally tells us a possible path of healthy degrowth. It is a kind of theoretical-practical handbook of how to transform the way we live, how different models to what we are used to can lead us to a real transformation of ourselves and the environment we live in.

  2. "No Planet B" A Practical Guide to Saving Our World by Mike Berners-Lee This book is an ode to optimism. We can still really do a lot to save the planet and we can all run together toward this goal. I already liked the title, because as we always say, we are for Planet A. And we want to act now and now for it. With small daily actions, but by everyone. NO PLANET B is a practical guide for everyone who cares about the future. A book that focuses on the values we will know how to share to build a more just and equitable world. And that helps us answer the "How can we continue to live happily on Earth?" question.

  3. The Plant Nation by Stefano Mancuso
    Plants are the largest population on the planet: they make up 80 percent of the biomass and are also the oldest species. Stefano Mancuso thought to give them a voice and imagine a constitution created and dictated by Plants. A change of perspective, interesting, delightful reading and giving us valuable insights.

  4. The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier and More Creative by Florence Williams
    From eucalyptus groves in California, to forest trails in Korea, to islands in Finland, Florence Williams investigates the science behind nature's positive effects on the brain. Delving into cutting-edge research, The Nature Fix chronicles and explains the powers of the natural world to improve health, strengthen our relationships, and promote reflection and innovation. Beautiful.

  5. "The Clothes You Love Live Long" by Orsola de Castro (Corbaccio, 2021) A valuable book by the fashion designer and founder of Fashion Revolution, who simply explains that: "If we reuse and renew our clothes, it is not because we cannot afford to buy new ones, but because we cannot afford to throw them away. What made economic sense for past generations, will make environmental sense for future generations. Clothes are the skin we choose for ourselves. By choosing what we wear we can speak out about our principles, demand positive change, and make sure that what makes us feel good is also a tool to make others feel good."

  6. Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
    Silent Spring (1962) is about humanity's misguided attempts to control nature through the use of chemical pesticides. Silent Spring begins with a "fable for tomorrow"-a true story using a set of examples from many real communities where the use of DDT has caused harm to wildlife, birds, bees, farm animals, pets, and even humans. Beautiful and a must read.

  7. Story of a snail who discovered the importance of slowness by Luis Sepúlveda
    This book is in my heart. I read it and reread it and then read it again with my children. Many people think it is a children's book. For me it is a book for me. For my children. For everyone. Understanding the importance of slowness, the joy in small things. Beautiful.

  8. Plasticene by Nicola Turra
    We are in a unique, unprecedented period of history in which we can see the effects of what is happening every day. Plastic, a material in itself to be treated as a valuable commodity because of its undoubted qualities, is ruining the planet, threatening the survival of entire ecosystems, animals, plants. Nicola Turra is a marine biologist and helps us understand what catastrophic climate scenarios await us if we do not take action now. Very interesting and enjoyable reading.

  9. "Sustainable Travel: The Essential Guide to Positive Impact Adventures," by Holly Tuppen
    After traveling around the world without flying in the late 1980s, Tuppen became a travel expert and considers sustainability essential to protecting our planet and our communities. You will find an overview of sustainable travel and its relationship to climate and biodiversity crises, but also stories of travel that can regenerate us.

  10. One: Pot, Pan, Planet: A greener way to cook for you and your family" by Anna Jones
    Definitely different from the books on this list, but in my opinion it fits. It is a point of view we should all consider. Anna Jones-known to be one of the leading voices in modern vegetarian cooking-shows a way of eating that can help the planet and eliminate some of the overload we all feel every day. Recipes are grouped according to the type of cooking, whether pots, pans, trays, etc.

Reading is one of the small daily acts that can help us make the big revolutions. Happy vacations to all!


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