Green Week 2022

Green Week 2022: The event dedicated to Environmental Policy.

Talking about sustainability today is nothing short of essential. We need to spread the eco-friendly culture as much as possible so that together we can build and realize a greener future. That is why, over time, initiatives and events aimed precisely at making the public aware of these issues have multiplied, among which Green Week stands out.

This event was born in 2011, and responds to the need of both private citizens and business leaders to reflect and understand how to embrace a new idea of sustainability.

This year it is held from June 7 to 12, and is divided into two specific moments. From June 7 to 9, it will be possible to visit numerous factories and industries, scattered throughout Italy, that want to show the public how they have addressed the need to achieve more sustainable development. From June 10 to 12 in Parma the second part of this event, the Festival of the Green Economy, will be held with a large number of internationally renowned speakers. On the official website you can find the calendar with all the meetings and the list of factories opening their doors to the public.

There are many sponsors to collaborate with Green Week, showing how this event has been able to focus important attention on itself.

The factories of sustainability

As we have already mentioned, the first three days will be dedicated to the "Factories of Sustainability" tour. So far as many as fifty companies have chosen to welcome the public, and they are positioned in different regions of Italy. Each of these individual companies has organized specific activities, such as guided tours, workshops and laboratories.

These activities are intended for a wide audience, including secondary school students. It is precisely for them that this could be an excellent opportunity for growth, to get in touch with excellent working realities. Schools can take advantage of this to organize tours.

In addition to students, researchers and doctoral students engaged in Italian universities can also participate in this tour. In this way they can experience firsthand the productive reality of the country, and assess whether their studies can be implemented to make various production processes more efficient and sustainable.

What's more, professionals in the sector can also apply to participate, who want to understand what interventions have been made, so they can transpose them to other business realities.

The Green Economy Festival.

From June 10-12, the Green Economy finds a permanent home, and it does so in Parma, with the Festival of the Green Economy. This is a three-day event of meetings and speeches, to hear authoritative voices from the national and international scene. On the official website we can find both the list of speakers and the meetings they will take part in, so we can organize our calendar in detail.

Among the speakers we find voices related to various fields, such as scientists involved in research or economists and experts in the world of finance and entrepreneurship.

A very interesting feature of the event is its dual nature, defined as "live & social." Given the anti-Covid regulations, there are still limitations in terms of eligible people in each hall. For this reason, the event organizer has chosen to stream every single meeting on its official channels, allowing the audience to enjoy it even remotely. This is a choice that makes participation much easier, allowing ideas and knowledge to circulate outside the Festival halls as well.

For more information, we recommend checking the official website, where you will also find links to Green Week's social channels.

Some names

Let us now look together at some of the names that will take part in the Festival of the Green Economy. Recall that these are professionals and experts in various fields, whose expertise is crucial to understanding how to achieve development that is truly eco-friendly.

Among the most prominent names is certainly James S. McDonnell, recipient of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The scholar is currently Professor of Chemistry at the prestigious Princeton University.

Another prominent scholar who will lend his voice for this event is Professor Peter Wadhams, currently Professor Emeritus of Ocean Physics at the University of Cambridge.

The business world will be present with Sonia Sandei, Head of Electrification Enel Group. Enel represents one of the leading companies in the energy field on Italian soil.

To find out all the names and all the events all you have to do is consult the website, where you will find the section dedicated to the program. For easier reference, the program has been divided both by days and by sections, thus allowing anyone to easily organize their days at the Green Economy Festival.

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