Dalfilo e R5®Living: collaborazione 100% Bergamasca

Dalfilo and R5®Living, 100% Bergamo collaboration kicks off

Today we tell you about a beautiful project, with a wonderful company 100% Bergamasque like us: Dalfilo.

Dalfilo was born right in Bergamo, the Italian cradle of home textiles, to make handcrafted home linens accessible to everyone. The history and passion of artisans must be communicated online to the whole world. The quality of Made in Italy must also travel across borders. These are the goals of Dalfilo and this is the commitment of every day.

We have decided to collaborate to promote and incentivize a more humane, conscious and sustainable type of consumption.

Starting August 5, Dalfilo will make it possible to purchase the innovative and plastic-free R5 Soluble Sheet Laundry Detergent® Living on its website. R5 Soluble Sheets® Living are pre-dosed detergent sheets that dissolve completely upon contact with water without releasing microplastics. The packs are extremely compact and lightweight, no single-use plastic is used, and they contain no water. Using them is very easy: simply divide the sheet into two parts, following the dotted line, insert one of the two halves into the bottom of the drum and start the washing cycle. For hand washing, simply dissolve half a sheet in about 5 liters of hot or cold water.

"The collaboration between Dalfilo and R5® Living stems from the desire to offer our customers quality and Made in Italy products that are increasingly affordable and increasingly sustainable,for a future that respects traditions and changes, that rethinks new ways of producing, consuming and preserving," says Davide Trabucchi CEO of Dalfilo.

And we strongly believe that networking is the new model of doing business that the world needs: union is strength. And this is even more true when we talk about taking action for climate change. Each of us, individually, as individuals must take action-all of us together can change the direction of this climate crisis and make it an opportunity. This is our mission: to make these new habits, these simple daily gestures possible through innovative environmentally and people-friendly products and to spread them as widely as possible. That is why we strive every day to introduce you to other companies that share the same values, because together we can accelerate change.

Underlying both projects is the desire to recover a value that has faded in recent decades: care. The care of people, such as the artisans of the Galdino Valley, the world's textile district of excellence, victims of the consequences of COVID, who have been offered the chance to become operational again thanks to the encounter with the generation of digital natives and the creation of store 2.0. The care of things, to counter the "disposable" model that dominates consumer culture, choosing quality products, lasting over the years, and keeping them always in excellent condition thanks to refillable and low-impact cleaning products. Caring for the environment by shortening the supply chain, in choosing to reduce water and CO2 consumption in production and transportation, and to use natural elements and environmentally sustainable packaging, reducing costs and thus making top-quality products accessible to all. Caring is an act of love to be welcomed into our daily lives, and whose benefits are endless, for everyone. Every small daily gesture matters and enables us together to create the great revolution.


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