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Autumn cuddles🍂

Autumn cuddles🍂

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The perfect kit to prepare for autumn. Convenient, practical, without water. Keywords: exfoliate and regenerate... there's everything you need:

  • solid emollient shower gel + shower holder 100% recycled plastic

  • solid hydrating shampoo + shampoo holder 100% recycled plastic

  • sisal bag, ideal for exfoliation exfoliating, activates the skin and opens the pores favors natural skin regeneration

And then what could be more beautiful than taking some time on autumn days.

Composition and warnings

Store in a cool, dry place

Materials and Packaging

Packaging:FSC® MIX cardboard, 100% recyclable. Containersmade in100% recycled plastic, 0 km and 100% recyclable. Sisal bag

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