Xmas Beauty Kit Medium con Shampoo 2 in 1

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Christmas Beauty Kit Medium è un regalo perfetto: bello e utile, che stupirà chi lo riceve. I nostri prodotti solidi sono un concentrato di ingredienti di origine naturale ed eliminano il trasporto di acqua e l'utilizzo di plastica monouso. La spazzola e il sacchettino in sisal sono realizzati con materie prime naturali di origine vegetale.

Nel kit troverai:

  • 1 shampoo 2 in 1 solido 
  • 1 docciaschiuma solido
  • 2 contenitori in plastica riciclata al 100% per riporre i solidi
  • 1 sacchettino in Sisal esfoliante
  • 1 spazzola in bambù
  • 2 decorazioni di Natale in plastica riciclata

Un regalo originale, buono e coccoloso.
Il 5% dell'ordine verrà devoluto a iniziative di riforestazione sociale

Sustainable Beauty exists!

Beauty goes from skincare, to wellness, to respect and protection of the environment.
With our Christmas Beauty Kits you can help reduce waste and CO2 equivalent emissions. It is the small daily gestures that make the big revolutions.

And with an R5 Living gift you contribute with us to donate 3% of our turnover to social and reforestation projects.

christmas beauty collection

Our Philosophy for Sustainable Beauty

In addition to our solid products, for this Christmas we have worked with some friendly brands and partners who share with us the same values and the same goal: to try to contribute concretely to create products that allow us to reduce our impact on the Planet in everyday life.

And to add a touch of magic for Christmas in each kit you will find two decorations for the tree made of 100% recycled plastic from the recycling of our city, Bergamo.

Discover below all the products of our Christmas Beauty Collection and choose the kit that best suits you.

a 100% natural root

Konjac sponge

Our konjac sponges are made of only natural konjac (no chemicals, dyes, additives or irritants). Made from natural konjac root (a porous vegetable that grows in Asia), konjac sponges were first created as a way for Japanese farmers to clean a baby's skin, so they're a much gentler way to exfoliate dead or dry skin during your daily face wash.

They are suitable for sensitive skin and all other skin types. They gently exfoliate the skin and naturally moisturize it. Find out how to use them here.

100% biodegradable (can be composted).

(Present in the Kits with Face Cleanser and in all Christmas Beauty Kits Maxi)

for a 100% natural scrub

Sisal solid carrier bag

Sisal is a fiber of plant origin obtained from the leaves ofAgave sisalana . The sisal natural fiber bag is suitable for storing solid shampoos and shower gels making them more foamy. Its slightly rough texture acts as an exfoliant, activates the skin and opens the pores. It reactivates blood circulation, promotes the natural regeneration of the skin, its invigorating action stimulates pleasant sensations of well-being in the body.

It is also useful to pick up pieces of remaining Shampoo or Shower Gel, making the foam even more dense.

(Present in all Christmas Beauty Kits Maxi, Medium and Mini)

Bamboo Brush

The Bamboo brush is an alternative to brushes made from synthetic materials. It leaves a pleasant natural feel.
Resistant to water damage, lasts for years. Suitable for all hair types, it massages the scalp as you brush. Natural wood tips prevent hair fiber breakage.

. Brushes are 100% natural bamboo
. Handle and bristles are 100% bamboo

. Dimensions: 23.5 cm long x 8.5 cm wide.

(Present exclusively in the Christmas Beauty Kit Maxi and Medium)

when plastic is smart

100% recycled plastic solid door

The Solid Holder in 100% recycled plastic from Bergamo's separate collection and 100% recyclable is the ideal accessory to carry your shampoo or shower gel everywhere.
Recycling waste means turning waste into a resource, a product that can be reused and re-introduced into the economic system by creating items from secondary raw materials. This activity is essential to help our planet, as it reduces the consumption of raw materials (oil), the use of energy and the emission of CO2.