Plastic Free essentials


With our Home accessories cleaning becomes a child's play, practical, ecological and durable. Easy to use and reuse. In the kit you will find The Indispensables:

  • 3 biodegradablecellulosecloths
  • 1 cotton and bamboofloor cloth
  • 1 sisal and bamboo dish brush (also perfect for cleaning tile joints)
  • 1 certified organic cottonshopping bag
strong and delicate

Sisal and Bamboo Brush

This brush is a sustainable scrubber to replace classic plastic or metal sponges. Great for heavy cleaning, does not cause scratches.

Sisal bristles: sisal is a natural fiber that comes from the sisal agave plant, stronger and more durable than other natural fibers. It is resistant to bacteria, mold and oil.

Bamboohandle: bamboo is a sustainable plant that uses 1/3 less water to grow.

Rinse with water after each use and let air dry with bristles facing down.

in certified organic cotton

Eco Shopper Bag

Made of organic and GOTS-certified cotton, perfect to keep in your bag and reuse with every shopping trip. Very small when folded, can carry up to 15kg. STOP Disposable Bags.

100% organic cotton (GOTS)
Save hundreds of single-use plastic bags
Length without handle: about 37 cm
Length with handle: about 67 cm
Width: 30 cm
Wash at 30° C
Made with wages here

Floor Cloth and Sponge Cloth

Cotton and bamboo floor cloth, super absorbent, twist-resistant and scratch-resistant.
Due to its exceptional softness, it is ideal for cleaning all types of floors, including hardwood floors. Composition: 45% cotton, 45% viscose, 10% polyester

Made in Italy Sponge cloths made from cellulose of vegetable origin, are ideal for cleaning all surfaces in the home, super absorbent, gentle on surfaces and long-lasting.

Composition: cellulose of vegetable origin, cotton weave
100% biodegradable. Made in Italy.